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Wallington High School for Girls

Wallington High School for Girls

'A strong learning community. Pupils are proud of their school. The broad curriculum and high prior attainment of pupils lead to strong achievement.' OFSTED 2019

Children's Mental Health Week 2021

Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place on 1-7 February 2021.           This year's theme is Express Yourself.

The theme of children’s mental health week this year is self-expression. We have put together some resources for students to make their own bullet journal. A bullet journal is a creative outlet to help reduce anxiety and stress levels. The pages within this resource pack include habit and mood trackers, daily water intake trackers, weekly planners, ideas for pages and much more. You can either print these pages out or use them as references to start your own bullet journal in a notepad or on paper.

You can find all the pdf pages linked below.

New resources added daily!

  1. 25 floral doodle ideas/inspiration.pdf
  2. 2021 words of the year 2021 - colouring .pdf
  3. baking doodles ideas.pdf
  4. doodle a day challenge sheet.pdf
  5. Bullet journal weekly pages.pdf
  6. Mental Health pages & daily goals.pdf
  7. Mindfulness colouring pages.pdf
  8. write your own positive affirmations.pdf
  9. PRODUCTIVITY metre pages.pdf
  10. Stationery Doodles.pdf
  11. Travel bucket list .pdf
  12. daily gratitude page.pdf
  13. daily water trackers.pdf
  15. Whats bugging you templatE 02/02/2021.pdf
  16. ALL ABOUT ME - ACTIVITY PAGES 02/02/2021.pdf
  17. Lettering practice worksheets 02/02/2021.pdf
  18. 100 DAYS OF TRACKING A SMALL GOAL 02/02/2021.pdf
  19. Sloth printable Washi Tape 03/02/2021.pdf
  20. movie review pages 03/02/2021.pdf
  21. Reading LOG PAGE 03/02/2021.pdf
  22. Cactus POTS MOOD TRACKER 03/02/2021.pdf
  23. StudenT WELLBEING JOURNAL 33 PAGES 03/02/2021.pdf
  24. tv shows to watch 04/02/2021.pdf
  25. Tomorrow is a New Day page 04/02/2021.pdf
  26. Love your body colouring 5 pages 04/02/2021.pdf
  27. positive psychology prompt cards 04/02/2021.pdf
  28. pickmeup zine 04/02/2021.pdf
  29. holding it all together 14 page zine 05/02/2021.pdf
  30. Mood & Gratitude Tracker 05/02/2021.pdf
  31. Floral dotted page 05/02/2021.pdf
  32. Do more of what you love - passion wheel 05/02/2021.pdf
  33. Someday log - long term goals 05/02/2021.pdf
  34. Simplify your To Do List 08/02/2021.pdf
  35. Banners and doodles 08/02/2021.pdf
  36. tiny town craft project 08/02/2021.pdf
  37. send a little love printable 08/02/2021.pdf
  38. a-z mini book 08/02/2021.pdf
  39. feelings colouring page 09/02/2021.pdf
  40. some things i am feeling 09/02/2021.pdf
  41. draw your own jewels 09/02/2021.jpg
  42. diamond cut doodles 09/02/2021.jpg
  43. growth mindset plants 10/02/2021.pptx
  44. mythical creatures 10/02/2021.png
  45. collection of good moments 10/02/2021.jpg
  46. bloom where you are planted 10/02/2021.jpg
  47. Mental Health Challenge 10/02/2021.pdf